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  • Prefabricated building - Hongtai Xingzheng concrete integral house

    What is prefabricated construction?A building made of prefabricated parts assembled on site is called a prefabricated building。According to the form and construction method of prefabricated components, it can be divided into block building, plate building, box building, skeleton plate building and lift floor...[详细]

  • Shandong cement mobile house electricity safety problem

    For the construction of cement mobile house, in addition to the fire safety of cement mobile house, the problem of electricity safety can not be ignored, and the safety problem of cement mobile house electricity is answered by a small series: 1.Due to tents and transitional housing...[详细]

  • To interpret the characteristics of common Shandong cement mobile house

    1, the color steel plate through the adhesive steel plate and polystyrene bonding rolling, give full play to the characteristics of different data, so that the mobile room has outstanding fire resistance and insulation and sound insulation functions。2、...[详细]

  • Cement activity house warm in winter and cool in summer

      Summer is a good time for construction, many real estate developers are choosing this time of summer construction, generally choose a place not far from the construction site to build temporary housing, but the traditional mobile home is very hot, under the high temperature operation...[详细]

  • Tai 'an activity room development prospects

      Mobile rooms are widely used in temporary offices and dormitories on construction sites;Railway, transportation, water conservancy, oil, natural gas and other large field exploration, field operation construction function room;Temporary commercial or other premises used by urban municipalities;Tourist areas for leisure...[详细]

  • The activity room produced by Taian mobile room manufacturer can be applied to difficult conditions

      In fact, many field exploration sites of coal mines these local conditions are very difficult, the general living conditions are relatively poor, the site is generally the kind of special recommended activity room, on the one hand is not safe, in fact, this cost is not low...[详细]

  • Shandong cement mobile house saves construction costs

    In fact, many new enterprises or some temporary activity places do not need finished houses, the cost of finished houses is raised, and the time is relatively long, the choice of cement mobile house is a very correct choice, cement mobile house manufacturers...[详细]

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